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If you are unsure if whether you need to hire a professional construction consultant please review the three questions below to help determine if you need one.

1. Did you ever do a home remodeling project or repair before by yourself? If so did it go as smoothly as you have hoped or could it have been better?

2. Do you understand the construction process and what important details go into each job?

3. Do you have connections in the skilled trades who can get you good prices on supplies and labor?


We will help you fill the knowledge gap by answering these questions and making you more comfortable and better educated so you can make the best decision that is right for you and that fits your individual budget. It is definitely worth the small fee to hire us if it is important to you that the job get done quickly and efficiently but you don’t have the time or the knowledge yourself. We will work with you to help you see the work through from the bid process, negotiating price, hiring of contractors, obtaining permits, as well as oversight of the job from start to finish, if required.  We also make sure each contractor that you use has the proper insurance and licenses and that you are covered if anything was to happen. Most of what you spend on hiring us will be made up with the discounted price we can get you and by bringing your job in under budget. We work closely with a lot of vendors in Westchester and Putnam County and are able to save money on jobs because of how closely we work with them.


Types of Projects We Work on:

• Painting and surface texturing
• Replacement of windows and siding
• Upgrading or replacing plumbing or electrical fixtures
• Replacement of flooring and tile
• Room Additions – Porches
• Sheetrock installation or repair
• Issues of water damage or roof repairs
• Concrete patio or driveways
• Basement Remodeling